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Our cloud solution allows you to disconnect your existing server infrastructure while maintaining your existing workflow. In other words, HORES remains as it is, with all its rich functionality, but at the same time it gains the benefits and convenience of applications running in the cloud.


Main advantages


You don't need to
own server

Cost savings
for IT

Transfer of responsibility
for data on HORES

Stable availability
from the Internet and the hotel network


Unlimited performance


The hotel managed by HORES cloud no longer has to maintain its own server: perform updates, set up backups, or pay IT experts, but it can move the hotel database and services mediating communication with external systems to a secure cloud environment. Therefore, there is no need to run a 24/7 computer in the hotel, which would mediate communication with, for example, a channel manager or other external services. Internal services such as a payment terminal or lock system are still tied to a specific (usually receptionist) computer.


Principle of operation


The diagram above shows how this solution works: there are a number of devices (clients) that have the HORES application installed and access a single database via a secure protocol.

Selected system functions can also be accessed through modern user interfaces built on web technologies. In addition to a regular computer, it is possible to use, for example, a tablet or telephone to access an extensive reporting system (ReportPlace), do basic reception work or use advanced channel management (WebApp).

In the same way as real users access the hotel database, it accesses it, ie. interface server, as well as automatic machine operation of external systems from the Internet - again implemented via an encrypted secure protocol.

Last but not least, HORES is fully responsible for the availability of cloud services, database and server environment updates, backup and operation. This eliminates a large part of the work of IT experts, which simplifies the operation of the hotel and can focus on its work.

If you want to save worries about your (perhaps already slower) server and at the same time take advantage of working in the HORES Cloud, write to our non-binding individual offer to our sales department: sales@horesplus.com. We will be happy to help you.